Andy Hoffman: Simple Math and $100,000 Gold

Simple Math and $100,000 Gold

Written by Andrew Hoffman on December 21 2011

If I need to SHOCK you into attention, I will.

Given that I know gold is going, MUCH, MUCH higher, it doesn’t matter what number I put in the title.  At current prices, PHYSICAL precious metals are the bargain of a lifetime, far more so than when gold was $250/ounce a decade ago, and silver just $4/ounce.  The explosion of global MONEY PRINTING since 2000 will be remembered as the most insane financial experiment of all time, which unfortunately is just getting started.  That $100,000/ounce gold projection is NOT a joke, as you will see at the end of this RANT.

Before I get started, I want to darken the mood a bit, as the world is a bit too giddy about the hype of the abbreviation du jour, the LTRO funding facility that emerged out of Central Bank ether to yet again enslave – er, save Europe with another massive dose of crack – er, free bank loans.

Beware the Coming Bailouts of Europe